Not All Chemicals Are Created Equal™

Thanks to Doris de Guzman, writing for The Energy Collective, a recent Jefferies & Company report covering the outlook in 2013 for bio-based chemicals and next generation bio-fuels technologies gains the spotlight. More specifically, for her October, 2012, story, she extensively cites the views of Jefferies’ equity analyst Laurence Alexander. According to him, as reported by Ms. Guzman, 2013 will be a key “validation year” for most bio-based chemicals and next generation bio-fuels technologies.

In the story, entitled 2013: A validation year for industrial biotech, Myriant is one of three companies featured in the section on the status of bio-succinic acid production, with special reference to plants coming on line and their relative capacity. Of note is the point in the piece that of the three companies mentioned, our facility in Louisiana targeted for the first quarter of 2013 will have the highest capacity.

In case you’re not familiar with Laurence Alexander and Jeffries’ clean technology initiatives, a bit more about both is included in this 2010 news release out of the company’s London and New York offices. A source of additional information is here.

Lastly, if you’re not familiar with Doris de Guzman, you might give serious consideration to following her. As her bio notes, in part: She has been covering the oleochemicals market for 12 years and spread her beat to inorganics, biofuels and green chemistry as former senior editor at ICIS Chemical Business, a global chemical trade magazine.

The home page for The Energy Collective is here.

A late October, 2012, news item in BioBased Digest noted the recent release of rankings compiled by Biofuels Digest to identify the 30 hottest companies in renewable chemicals and bio-based materials. Myriant scored a third place which is important and rewarding for at least two reasons. First, the rankings are done, as noted in the report, to …recognize innovation and achievement in biobased chemicals and materials development. That Myriant attained its third place ranking based on its innovation and achievement ahead of 27 others, some of formidable reputation if not of ranking enthusiasm, is a tremendous validation of our science, platform, fast-evolving commercialization efforts, and our overall business model. For this ranking, we thank the invited international selectors, subscribers of Biofuels Digest and Biobased Digest who registered their votes, and others who helped us earn this distinction.

Secondly, to be quite candid and rather obvious about it, third place is inspirational for Myriant. It furthers our resolve to be first and confident, based on this year’s aggressive product, partner, distributor, and manufacturing plans, that we are moving to within striking distance of the top spot. Please stay tuned…

The BioBased Digest report about the ranking is available here.

The headline on this, the initial post to mark the launch of our social media site, is attributed to management consultant Peter F. Drucker (1909-2005). It’s one of my favorites and one that in this instance totally fits and reflects our enthusiasm at Myriant as we look ahead to the coming year and solemnly weigh our sense of responsibility to the our industry. Drucker is right and we know it. The future of our enterprise and, no less than the future of the renewable bio-chemicals industry, is within our ability and stated mission to influence and create.  Much of what Myriant has done to-date and specifically plans to accomplish in 2013 and beyond, we believe, will serve as a beacon of innovation leadership and a standard of excellence in the thinking and delivery of what is possible, what is needed, and what will make the all-important difference in advancing the bio-based chemicals market.

This site will communicate our commercial-scale manufacturing milestones and related plant developments; spotlight new partnerships, and distribution agreements, and follow our expansion efforts in the U.S. and around the world. But we will as well provide our point of view about the business of bio-based chemicals. We have strong opinions about things that happen in the industry and we believe we have earned our voice in the global dialogue. Our opinion matters. Myriant is on the forefront of helping to shape and evolve the industry and shepherd it to maturity.  All of this, for the record, is being driven by an overarching sense at Myriant of our leadership role and, of course, the associated responsibilities of that role which we take seriously, especially when it helps advance the industry.

Please join us, come often, and comment freely as we continue to create and achieve important milestones for our company and for the future of the bio-based chemicals industry.