Not All Chemicals Are Created Equal™


Cenan Ozmeral, Ph.D., President

Hails from BASF. Chemical industry veteran with 30+ years experience. Currently parlaying deep petrochemicals expertise into building a successful renewable chemicals company. Read full  bio here.

Sue Hager, SVP, Corporate Communications and Government Affairs

Biotechnology advocate. Champion for world-changing technologies. Likes to inject adrenaline into corporate brands for fun. Hangs out in DC. Read full bio here.

Alif Saleh, VP of Sales and Marketing

Deal guy. Successful chemical engineer turned marketing pro. Builder of many things from chemical plants to product brands—engages both the left- and right-side of his brain. Read full bio here.

Michael Mang, Ph.D., Products Technology and Applications Manager

World-renowned chemist and science guy. Prolific writer and holder of a lot of patents in polyesters, biodegradable polymers and nonlinear optical polymers (i.e. he’s really smart). Visionary leader behind the development of new applications for Myriant’s bio-succinic acid.

Monty Alger, Ph.D.

Chemical Engineer (also, humble and understated). Read full bio here.