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Lessons Learned from Biofuels Mistakes Benefitting Bio-Based Chemicals Initiatives

April 24th, 2013 | Posted by in Opinion

Guest blogger Doug Williams writing for Venture Beat presents a compelling review of investment and expectation errors associated with the biofuels industry in recent years. It is an important piece for us from the standpoint that the bio-based chemicals industry, while different, is often associated with the same risk/reward equation as biofuels. Nothing could be further from reality and Mr. Williams, who is the author of “Advancing Fuels: A Review of the Challenges Facing the Advanced Biofuels Industry” confirms this all-important difference.

In his post, entitled What investors got wrong in advanced biofuels, he bookends his review of biofuels problems with this high-contrast assessment of the bio-based chemicals industry: An encouraging comparable is the emerging bio-based chemicals industry. In this industry you see stronger involvement among strategic investors than traditional VC-backed startups, indicating a better alignment of risk for these investments. Since the market is different, the existing technology pathways may be sufficient to reach commercial operations at more reasonable costs…

In our case, at least, that’s absolutely correct. Thank you Mr. Williams.

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