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Louisiana Governor Spotlights Myriant Contribution to State’s Reviving Economy

October 16th, 2013 | Posted by in Myriant in the News

plant-at-nightIn this feature from The News Star, Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal reviews a number of jobs-related successes since 2008 that have helped the state sustain and advance more prosperous times. Whether or not you’re politically aligned with the Governor, in terms of attracting jobs and industry, Louisiana is on a roll. He notes, for example, that …for the past five years in a row, more people have been moving into Louisiana than moving out of our state, reversing a 25-year trend…

One of the positive factors mentioned by the Governor in his review is Myriant’s Lake Providence plant which became operational earlier this year. But for the record, while we’re proud of this milestone and grateful for the Governor’s spotlight on us, it is we who owe a tribute to the state, not the other way around. Louisiana, its people, its infrastructure, its business policies and a host of other factors have significantly contributed to Myriant’s opportunity and success in the region.

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