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Massachusetts Rivals California and Tops Oregon, NY and Colorado in Clean Energy Tech

June 5th, 2013 | Posted by in Opinion

Well, well, well… look what’s happening in Massachusetts, our home state. In a Boston Globe piece by staffer Erin Ailworth we learn that according to an index from industry research firm Clean Edge Inc., Massachusetts is #2 in the nation for clean energy technology, just a notch away from California which, we all know, has long had at least the reputational edge in this category. But this reality check by Clean Edge, which relied on …several factors, including state policies and incentives promoting clean technologies, per capita investment in the industry, the use of alternative-fuel vehicles, and the deployment of alternative energy generating sources… shows we’re making a strong bid for leadership in this sector. In fact, according to the report, Massachusetts spends more per capita on clean energy technology than California.

The article, entitled Mass ranks near the top in clean energy technology, notes we overtook Oregon for the first time and outdistanced New York and Colorado, too. Actually, if we’re in the No.2 spot, there must be 48 states not quite yet doing what’s getting done here. Congratulations to all in the state that are advancing the clean energy mission and making Massachusetts a leading example of how innovation happens.

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