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New Report: Drop-in Intermediates Have the Most Promising Outlook

August 14th, 2013 | Posted by in Market and Industry

A pivotal market study has just been released as part of the ongoing European Union (EU) project called BioConSepT. Myriant along with 59 other companies contributed to the study and the findings could not be more encouraging in support of our emphasis to date on succinic acid – one of three green chemical intermediates targeted for the study – and our intermediate ‘drop-in’ product strategy.

For example, from the news report about the market study’s findings, written by Karen Laird and published in Plastics Today, comes this high-level summary: Next to the extensive analysis of the three intermediates, takeaways from the report included the observations that drop-in intermediates have the most promising outlook…

The study is also global and scope. As noted in the news item, the BioConSepT project, which is coordinated by the Dutch research institute TNO, boasts 31 partners from research & technology organizations, large industrial companies and small and medium-sized enterprises from 12 countries. The project has an overall budget of €13 million and was granted €8.9 million in EU funding.

Access to the full report is granted via a link in the news item or here.

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