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Myriant is a science and technology driven company creating a new paradigm in specialty chemicals manufacturing.  Focused on the development and commercialization of proprietary biocatalyst technology for conversion of renewable feedstocks into high value biobased chemicals, Myriant is a leader in the implementation of an integrated biorefinery approach for production of chemicals.

Its proprietary fermentation technology has been proven through the commercial production of D(-) lactic acid, which has enabled an accelerated development cycle for the company's second product: succinic acid.

Led by a world renowned team of molecular biologists, engineers and chemists, Myriant has created unique, patented microorganisms and proprietary process technologies for the manufacture of a broad array of high value specialty chemicals that can compete directly against petroleum based chemicals.

The company's Build-Own-Operate strategy ensures a fully integrated approach throughout the research, scale-up and commercial operation phases.  Use of tolling relationships and access to pre-existing capacity enables the company to capture significant market opportunity.  Key partnerships with technology leaders, suppliers, engineering firms and customers lead to the most efficient production of products that meet the expectations of the marketplace.

Myriant has initially focused on first generation fermentation technology and targeted large substitution markets for existing products or derivatives one step down the value chain.  Myriant's transition to low cost cellulosic feedstocks and the development of new applications for its products will significantly enhance the growth of the market for biobased chemicals.