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D(-) Lactic Acid
Myriant is the only company to develop a commercially viable process for production of D(-) Lactic acid via fermentation.  The company patented a biocatalyst process that enables the production of this important renewable biochemical at the very high purity levels necessary for it to be commercially valuable.

D(-) Lactic acid, when polymerized and blended with biodegradable poly(L-lactic acid) (PLA), dramatically improves the melting point of the polymer, allowing its use in higher-performance fiber and packaging applications.  The enhanced thermal properties of the PLA blends containing D(-) Lactic acid create new market opportunities for the polymer in high volume applications. 

PURAC, the world’s leading lactic acid producer, licensed the technology from Myriant and began commercial production of D(-) Lactic acid in June 2008.

Myriant is focusing on commercialization of high value renewable specialty chemicals with large existing markets that can readily accept biobased substitutes.  In some cases, partnerships have or will be established to speed up the commercialization process and get products to the market more quickly.