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Founded in 2004 as BioEnergy International, Myriant focuses on the production of next-generation, renewable biobased chemicals using its proprietary biocatalyst platform.

Myriant is the exclusive licensee of technology from the University of Florida and has since expanded its intellectual property portfolio with internally generated patents, patent applications and scientific knowledge. Myriant's personnel individually and collectively have extensive histories in the development, production, and commercialization of high-value biobased chemicals and fuels from renewable feedstocks.

In June 2009, BioEnergy International formed Myriant to incorporate all of its biobased chemicals business and intellectual property. Now as an independent company, Myriant is ideally positioned to focus on its unique technical goals, target markets and customers.

Importantly, though, Myriant retains the same world-renowned team of molecular biologists, engineers and chemists that successfully developed BioEnergy's commercial D(-) lactic acid process.

In 2008, the company made a multi-million dollar investment in state-of-the art laboratory facilities in Woburn, MA. The R&D; facility serves as the strategic hub for leading innovation in the development and commercialization of next generation biopolymers, specialty chemicals and biofuels from renewable sources, providing a mechanism for validating, advancing and optimizing the novel technologies developed by Myriant and Bioenergy in support of their commercialization efforts around the world.

The acquisition of Omnigene Bioproducts, Inc. in July 2008 further expanded the molecular biology, cell biology and fermentation capabilities of BioEnergy International (and now Myriant) with proprietary host technology and metabolic pathway engineering expertise.  The acquisition also included a library of proprietary strains, organisms and plasmids for cutting-edge microbial platform development.