Myriant produces renewable chemicals
that make everyday products greener.

Our products replace barrels of petroleum
with pounds of renewable feedstocks.

We've advanced our proven technology
platform from scientific innovation to
global commercialization.

We're delivering green chemicals
that are cost-competitive
without government subsidies.

We've redefined chemistry to sell
renewable chemicals today for
a sustainable tomorrow. Learn more »

Not All Chemicals Are Created Equal™
Chemistry Refined...Naturally


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Myriant is committed to the principles and practices promoted by American Chemistry Council Responsible Care Initiative. We firmly believe that Chemistry, when practiced responsibly, improves lives in many ways. As a company we have pledged resources to implement and sustain a robust Responsible Care Management System (RCMS). Due to our commitment, we will remain up to date on new legislation and regulations impacting the Environment, Health and Safety of our stakeholders. We also pledge our ongoing review and risk assessment of our practices to ensure continual improvement.

Responsible Care ® is a registered service mark of the American Chemistry Council.

New Bio-SAC Applications

Myribond™ Enhanced Adhesion Oligomer: Myribond™ offers enhanced adhesion to both low-energy and high energy substrates. Myribond™ offers a combination of resilience, flexibility and yellowing resistance. Learn More »

Zero VOC Coalescing Solvent: Myriant's formulation provides superior flexibility to meet stringent environmental compliance issues. Learn More »

Polyester Polyols: Develop polyester polyols with up to 100% renewable content and a performance equal to adipic acid. Learn More »

Commercializing Bio-Succinic Acid from
Bio-Based Chemical Plants on Two Continents

Start-up activities are well underway at Myriant's flagship plant
in Lake Providence , LA. With our partner, ThyssenKrupp
Uhde, we have validated that our production process meets
targets for commercial yield and quality. Learn more »