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Innovation Approach
A strong commitment to innovation is central to the successes Myriant has achieved to date and remains a key element of our strategy for bringing additional biobased chemical production from the future into the present.

Three important fundamentals serve as a foundation for research and development efforts at Myriant:

Innovation for a Purpose
Research initiatives are market driven.  Efforts focus on development of technology with defined commercial applications that can be quickly implemented and that make both scientific and financial sense.

Alignment of Strategies
Technology development and business strategies are closely aligned.  Innovation requires an integrated approach that encompasses all aspects of company operations from production to marketing.

Stages of Development
All projects flow through a stage gate evaluation system and are evaluated for viability against an extensive list of technological and financial criteria.  Projects that do not meet all requirements are eliminated, maintaining the focus on those with the highest potential for achieving technical and economic success, increasing speed to market and converting investment into value.

Our ability to consistently and repeatedly deliver commercially viable, innovative, low cost, targeted solutions differentiates us from others in this market space and provides us with a true competitive advantage.