Polyester Polyols

Myriant's bio-succinic acid can be used to produce polyester polyols with renewable content up to 100%, that are comparable in performance to adipic acid polyols, and that, long term, have more price stability than polyols derived from petroleum.

Petroleum-based polyester polyols are in everything from couches and mattresses to packaging and toys. As consumer demand grows for "greener" products, manufacturers seek solutions for producing polyester polyols that reduce their reliance on petroleum. Myriant has that solution.

Using succinic acid polyols offers formulators renewable content at a competitive, stable long term price.

Myriant has produced a line of developmental polyester polyols. While Myriant will not be manufacturing or selling polyester polyols, we are offering these materials in an effort to assist polyol formulators in exploring the advantages of bio-succinic acid in polyurethanes. The properties of the various polyols available for sampling are shown here:

DGTA-56 technical data sheet DGTB-56 technical data sheet EG-110 technical data sheet DG-110 technical data sheet HD-110 technical data sheet

To learn more about each of the Developmental Polyester Polyols available for sampling, click on each name to download Technical Data sheets

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To learn more about the use of bio-succinic acid in polyester polyols, including more detailed performance data, click here to download a copy of the Succinic Acid Polyester Polyols Technical Presentation.