Work Locally, Impact Globally.

What if every day you could work to make the world a little greener while still working on your career? What if you made such an impact at your job that future generations would benefit from your work? What if you could work really hard and have a good time doing it? You can, at Myriant.

Myriant seeks talented, energetic people with the skills, interest, and experience to excel in the rapidly accelerating field of bio-based chemicals. If you are a highly motivated individual looking for a challenge and an opportunity to work at the leading edge of industrial biotechnology with the potential to make a difference, join us!

Make your mark at Myriant.

Interested in joining us? Roll over the pictures of some of our employees to hear in their own words how each has made a mark at Myriant.

“As a Chemical Engineer I can successfully solve some of today's industrial challenges resulting in solutions to make a difference every day.”

Raj, R&D

“At Myriant, I have been given many opportunities that allow me to expand my scientific knowledge”

Marie, R&D

“At Myriant we are leading not following.”

Bill, R&D

“I like contributing my expertise in gene recombineering to develop new bacterial strains that produce valuable biochemicals.”

Xiaomei, R&D