Bio-succinic Acid

Succinic acid, also known as amber acid and 1,4-butanedioic acid, is produced naturally as a product of cellular metabolism, and is produced synthetically from maleic anhydride. This versatile 4-carbon dicarboxylic acid has many uses—from pigments and plastics to pharmaceuticals and metal plating. Myriant's bio-succinic acid can be used in all of these application areas, reducing their environmental footprint with no performance penalty.

Myriant's high purity bio-succinic acid is a drop-in replacement for petroleum-based succinic acid. Customer analysis of Myriant's bio-succinic acid validates that our renewable chemical is chemically identical to petroleum-based succinic acid, while also being more environmentally friendly and cost-advantaged without government subsidies.

Our bio-succinic acid forms the basis for many high-value replacement products, including phthalic anhydride, adipic acid, and maleic anhydride. Learn more »