Our Product Pipeline: Making the World a Greener Place

Myriant's bio-based chemicals are sustainable, cost-advantaged, drop-in replacements and substitutes for petroleum-based chemicals that are used in a vast array of consumer products and industrial applications.

Building on our success with bio-succinic acid, Myriant is continuing to expand its product portfolio, including the development and scale-up of new bio-based chemicals like acrylic acid, lactic acid, muconic acid, and fumaric acid—basic building blocks used to make many every day products.

We're also developing new products from our bio-succinic acid, like Myrifilm® Zero-VOC Coalescing Solvent, our bio-succinic acid-based product used to manufacture renewable coatings and adhesives.

With our current product portfolio and a robust product pipeline, Myriant is delivering sustainable solutions for targeted specialty chemicals with high market demand.