Broad Pipeline, Diverse Applications

Building on the success of our bio-based technology platform, Myriant is continuing to develop products that will shift the chemical industry to a new paradigm: one in which ordinary chemicals are made from lower cost, sustainable raw materials to reduce their environmental footprint without compromising performance.

Currently, our product development pipeline is focused on the following:

Lactic acid

Separating D(-) lactic acid and L(+) lactic acid has traditionally required a costly chemical process. Myriant's technology permits the production of D(-) lactic acid alone or L(+) lactic acid alone in one step through biosynthesis—reducing the cost and complexity of the purification process. We believe this advantage forms the basis for an economically attractive solution for manufacturers looking to enhance the performance of polylactic acid (PLA). Learn more »

Acrylic acid

One of the most versatile monomers, acrylic acid is used to improve hardness, tackiness and durability in thousands of polymer formulations and is used in everything from diapers to paints. Myriant's bio-based process provides a renewable route to acrylic acid that offers the potential to make these everyday products greener without increasing their production costs. We are currently developing a bio-based drop-in acrylic acid product which is soon to enter pilot phase validation. Learn more »

Muconic acid

Muconic acid and its many chemical derivatives are popular chemical intermediates for the production of fibers and plastics. At current market prices, muconic acid derivatives represent a market valued at more than $22 billion. Today, Myriant is applying its flexible technology platform to develop new pathways to produce renewable-based muconic acid.

Fumaric acid

Fumaric acid is commonly used as a preservative in food and beverages, in the production of paints and coatings, as well as in the production of paper. It is the chemical equivalent of maleic anhydride (MAN) and water, and therefore can be used as a replacement for MAN. Myriant is targeting both the existing fumaric acid market as well as the potential for fumaric acid as a MAN replacement.