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Press contact:
Sue Hager
SVP, Corporate Communications and Government Affairs


Jan 25, 2022   Showa Denko K.K. Selects Myriant as its Supplier of High-Purity BioSuccinic Acid for the Production of Renewable-based Polybutylene Succinate (PBS)
Jan 23, 2022   Myriant Chairman and CEO Stephen J. Gatto to Present at the Third Annual Next Generation Bio-Based Chemicals Conference
Jan 12, 2022   BASF Veteran, Werner Praetorius, Ph.D., Joins Myriant’s Strategic Advisory Board
Jan. 9, 2012   Myriant Appoints Susan Hager as Senior Vice President of Corporate Communications and Government Affairs
Nov. 8,2011   Myriant and Sojitz Form Partnership for Green Chemicals
Nov. 4,2011 Myriant Announces Norma R. Augustine to Join board of Directors
Oct 5, 2021   Myriant Produces Succinic Acid and Lactic Acid from Non-Food Cellulosic Feedstock
May 31, 2022   Myriant Corporation Files Registration Statement For Proposed Initial Public Offering
Mar 2, 2022   Myriant Technologies, INC. Announces J. Brian Ferguson to Join Advisory Board
Feb 16, 2022   Myriant Technologies and Davy Process Technology join forces to integrate the Myriant bio-based Succinic Acid and Davy Butanediol technologies to offer a renewable and bio-based Butanediol product
Jan 24, 2022   Myriant Technologies, Inc. Announces US$60 Million Strategic Equity Investment From PTT Chemical Group
Dec 28, 2021   Louisiana Governor Jindal Announces Myriant Technologies to Begin Construction of New, Sustainable Specialty Chemical Plant in Lake Providence
Oct 15, 2021   Myriant Technologies congratulates Professor Stephen Benkovic, a member of our Science Advisory Board, on his recent achievement receiving the 2010 National Medal of Science. Please read the full story on Penn State Live
April 7, 2022   Myriant Technologies Receiving Funds under $50 Million DOE Award for Succinic Acid Biorefinery Project
Feb 24, 2022   Myriant Technologies LLC Selected by AlwaysOn as GoingGreen Top 50 Winner
Dec 7, 2021   Myriant Technologies LLC Selected for $50 Million Award for Succinic Acid Biorefinery Project
Nov 6, 2021   Myriant Technologies LLC, Uhde, Uhde GmbH Announce Alliance for Engineering, Procurement & Construction of World Scale Renewable Succinic Acid Plants
Oct 20, 2021   Myriant Technologies LLC Announces Science Advisory Board Members
July 14, 2021   Myriant Technologies LLC Announces Commercial Milestone for Succinic Acid