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To support its strategy of rapid commercialization of biobased high value specialty chemicals, Myriant has made use of contract fermentation facilities to scale-up and optimize its production processes while demonstrating to the market place its competitive cost position.

Currently the company is constructing an integrated biorefinery pilot plant that will allow for scale-up and demonstration level production of future high-value specialty chemicals from any feedstock.

In partnership with Buckeye Technologies and the University of Florida, and through a $20 million State of Florida grant, Myriant will operate the first multi-product cellulosic biorefinery pilot plant in Perry, Florida that will produce biobased chemicals and fuels under one roof.

Utilities, feedstock (hemicellulose waste from paper production) and services will be provided by Buckeye. The University of Florida will be responsible for biofuel production technology.  Myriant will implement its fermentation and downstream purification and separation (DSP) technologies for specialty chemicals production.

Vast adjacent parcels of land are available for growing of dedicated energy crops and other feedstocks. Potential for further expansion of capacities, downstream processes and power exists through a US Department of Energy grant application.

This biorefinery pilot plant will demonstrate the efficacy of co-producing cellulosic biofuels and high value biochemicals and show how these renewable products can be more effectively manufactured from cellulosic feedstock.

For more information on the partners involved in this integrated biorefinery, click here.