First to Deliver True Bio-based Products

Global trends are driving an ever-increasing demand for bio-based chemical production. From the historic volatility of global oil prices to consumers becoming more eco-aware and desiring to live more sustainably, governments and companies alike are acting to put policies and processes in place to reduce global dependence on petroleum-based products and transition to a greener way of living.

Myriant is answering this call by delivering bio-based chemicals, like bio-succinic acid, that are practical, scalable, and cost-efficient. Myriant has already developed those solutions, successfully deploying our technology platform on a commercial scale with our first product, D(-) lactic acid.

Today, we're leveraging this platform and the process expertise of our team to accelerate commercialization of our broad bio-based product pipeline, starting with bio-succinic acid.

Learn more about our efforts and our operating plants to commercialize bio-succinic acid.