A Commercial Technology Platform with Multiple Strengths

Key to Myriant's proven ability to produce and commercialize bio-based industrial chemicals is the innovation and flexibility of our proprietary technology platform. Our platform benefits from competitive advantages in critical areas, including:

Scientific Innovation

Myriant's world-class R&D team employs innovative science to develop proprietary metabolic pathways for the efficient and cost-effective production of bio-based chemicals using a variety of sustainable, renewable feedstocks. Learn more »


At Myriant, we're using our proven process engineering and operations expertise, in conjunction with our partners, to produce and sell high-performance, cost-advantaged bio-based chemical products manufactured at production facilities in Louisiana and Germany. Learn more »


We've accelerated our speed-to-market through strategic relationships with top-tier international partners, distributors and customers across diverse industries. In addition to a shared vision and philosophical alignment with Myriant, our partners bring global breadth and market expertise enabling us to rapidly commercialize our high-value, green biochemicals into large, established markets around the globe. Learn more »