Myribond™ Enhanced Adhesion Oligomer

Myribond™ adhesion promoting resin is made from Myriant renewable bio-succinic acid and is a cost effective resin for use in coatings systems. Myribond™ offers enhanced adhesion to both low-energy and high energy substrates. Myribond™ offers a combination of resilience, flexibility and yellowing resistance coupled with adhesion and bears no "green" price premium


UV Cure Coating

Myribond™ is an excellent choice for adhesion in UV systems. It can be used as the main resin system or in additive amounts in combination with other traditional (meth)acrylate systems. Myribond™ will cure with UV irradiation.


Myribond™ can be added to a curable thermoset system as it will cross-link into a free-radical matrix, especially with the addition of methacrylate monomers and/or peroxide catalysts. Myribond™ is stable at room temperature even with the addition of a peroxide. This capability allows Myribond™ to also be used as a depth cure additive in UV systems, especially when combined with a peroxide and a photoinitiator.

To learn more about Myribond™ enhanced adhesion oligomer, including more detailed performance data, click here to download a copy of the Myribond Technical Presentation.