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Biobased specialty chemicals are a reality today because of Myriant's commitment to development of technology with direct commercial applicability.  Our integrated approach, which links R&D efforts with the business strategy throughout the value chain and across key aspects of company operations, has resulted in a novel biocatalyst platform with proven commercialization success, a robust product pipeline and an extensive intellectual property suite.

Myriant's core capabilities include biomass pretreatment, genetic engineering, fermentation, separations/purification and scale-up.  Importantly, we also have expertise in project management, marketing, finance and operations.  Our team of industry leaders has a proven track record from discovery to commercialization, combined with proven process technology and manufacturing expertise that uniquely positions Myriant to target petroleum chemical substitutes.

The processes of an integrated biorefinery use lower cost feedstock (sugar instead of oil), milder and less expensive operating conditions (consume less energy) and require lower capital investment because there are fewer production steps.

You can learn more about how Myriant is applying its proprietary technology to its low-cost sugar platform to produce an optimal combination of high value renewable products be clicking on the links on this page, or by contacting us.