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Technology Transfer & Scale-up
Following the fast track to commercialization of renewable specialty chemicals production requires the ability to quickly scale-up laboratory processes.  At Myriant, our specially assigned group of engineers has established expertise in taking biobased processes from the lab to the pilot plant and on to commercialization.

With access to state-of-the-art modeling tools, we can perform the advanced calculations necessary for designing larger scale manufacturing facilities that operate efficiently and cost effectively, provide product of the highest quality and do so meeting all environmental, health and safety standards.

Myriant's ability to scale-up microbial fermentation processes has already been proven with the successful commercialization of D(-) Lactic Acid.  Our extensive experience working with this proprietary microbial platform ensures accelerated development and scale-up of routes to other high-value specialty chemicals, including succinic acid and many other products in our pipeline.