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Our Vision
At Myriant, our vision is to bring fundamental change to the chemical industry with the implementation of an integrated biorefinery approach dedicated to the sustainable production of high value specialty chemicals from sustainable biomass.

Myriant's unique patented biobased processes will transform current hydrocarbon-based manufacturing methods across a variety of industries, enabling the replacement of barrels of crude with pounds of sugar to make everything from pharmaceuticals and agrochemicals to biodegradable plastics and high performance coatings.

As part of this vision, Myriant strives to:

Produce high-value biobased chemicals from a range of renewable, cellulosic feedstocks that are cost competitive with petrochemicals at US$45/barrel of oil equivalent
Reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) production of chemical manufacturing processes through net consumption of carbon dioxide (CO2) and decreased use of petroleum-based raw materials
Use less energy compared to their petroleum-based alternatives
Reduce our dependence on crude oil imports
Create jobs!