Emerging Risk Management

Today’s business landscape continues to evolve more rapidly than ever. New risks are constantly emerging, bringing along with them new challenges and opportunities that require in-depth expertise and intelligence to navigate. Our experts, advisors, partners, tools and data allow us to help companies prepare for and manage the most challenging risks businesses are facing.

Narrative Intelligence

For every business decision, the preferred narrative confronts counter-narratives. These can quickly develop in any number of physical and digital “town squares.” With cutting-edge tools like Blackbird.AI, we help you understand these narratives, identifying misinformation and the actors that spread them.


Data Privacy

Through our partnership with Acxiom, we prepare for data-related crises, ensuring your data management practices remain robust and secure. This partnership also offers expert data management advisory services.


Geopolitical Risk Management

It’s not enough to monitor foreign markets, elections and regulations. Now it’s vital to also track culture, media and social platforms to understand public opinion in real time.