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    The New C-Suite Corporate Reputation Puzzle

    Written by KRC Research & Myriant

    As corporate leaders today face unprecedented complexity in balancing the expectations of employees, consumers, investors, activists, and society, Weber Shandwick has conducted and monitored research to help corporate leaders find a path forward.


    Key takeaways:


    1. Empowered citizens are creating a new challenge for executives: misinformation and disinformation threaten an organization’s resiliency and reputation while new platforms and influencers are disrupting traditional institutions and reshaping information flows. A highly polarized citizenry can falsely link geopolitical and social issues to companies.
    2. Significant majorities of employees, advocates, consumers, and citizens expect businesses to take a stand on managing complex societal issues beyond their own strategies and operations. Yet the C-Suite feels unprepared to engage.
    3. A focus on ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) is creating opportunities to build greater resiliency, identify and manage business risks and drive up valuations. C-Suite leaders must broaden their definition of value to include not only engagements with employees and customers, but also their role in society.
    4. To succeed in this environment, C-Suite leaders will need to evolve and adapt. Success requires more fluid decision-making, creating an expanded circle of advisors and perspectives, and having the confidence to be comfortable with the uncomfortable.

    The New C-Suite Corporate Reputation Puzzle

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